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Everything that doesn't have a specific topic. Hopefully doesn't stray too far from dev stuff.

December 31, 2019  •  General

Reflecting on 2019

As it seems to be popular in the dev community these days, for the first time ever I've decided to write my own summary of 2019. I'm curious how 2020 will compare but this is definitely not a...
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August 23, 2019  •  General

Welcome to

Welcome, yet again, to another incarnation of my blog and personal site. If you've arrived here directly, you may not be aware that I transferred this blog from a different site called It...
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July 4, 2019  •  General

2019 Tech Radar

The 2019 Tech Radar is a list of web technologies that I've become interested in this year. While I am very well entrenched and comfortable in the Laravel-Vue ecosystem, I can't help but peek at what...
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December 3, 2018  •  General Blog Intro

I've wanted to share my thoughts about development-related things for a very long time but somehow never got around to it. Excuses are plenty but what's important is that I finally found myself in a...
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