A brief work history.

Professional work

I've worked in a variety of industries throughout my career. Here are some of the most recent.

Knowledge management SaaS

Built, maintained, and integrated features such as SCIM, payments, search, and many others, for a SaaS app that helps companies manage their internal knowledge base.

Tech: Laravel • React

Parking booking SaaS

Wrote API endpoints for running parameterized reporting in a serverless AWS Lambda environment.

Tech: Node.js • AWS

Transportation & freight

Full lifecycle app for receiving cargo shipping orders, processing pickups and deliveries, and generating bills of lading. Internal/external APIs connecting various systems.

Tech: LaravelVue.jsTailwind CSSMySQL • AWS

Nocode SaaS

Front-end UI work for the SPA part of an emerging lowcode/nocode SaaS app running in a serverless environment. Implemented secure document handling in AWS, and image manipulation.

Tech: Ember.js • AWS

Online student testing

Built new front- and back-end modules and extended functionality for a web-based K12 testing platform.

Tech: PHPMySQL • jQuery


Built a brand-new website for a well-known local retailer. First year sales improved 90% compared to the old website. Made many enhancements to the site, leading to increasing sales year over year.

Tech: PHPMySQL • jQuery