I'm Constantin
I'm a web dev and maker in Chicago.

I am a full-stack PHP developer. From a very early age I've been fascinated with computers, which led me to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Later, I fell in love with web development and never looked back.
Currently I work full time as a Laravel developer, building internal apps and tools for my employer.

Professional work

I've worked in a variety of industries throughout my career. Here are some of the most recent.
Parking Booking SaaS
Wrote API endpoints for running parameterized reporting in a serverless AWS Lambda environment.
Node.js • AWS

Transportation & Freight
Full lifecycle app for receiving cargo shipping orders, processing pickups and deliveries, and generating bills of lading. Internal/external APIs connecting various systems.
Laravel • Vue.js • TailwindCSS • AWS

Nocode SaaS
Front-end UI work for the SPA part of an emerging lowcode/nocode SaaS app. Secure document handling and image manipulation.
Ember.js • AWS

Online Student Testing
Built new front- and back-end modules and extended functionality for a web-based K12 testing platform.
PHP • MySQL • jQuery

Built a brand new website for a well-known local retailer. First year sales improved 90% compared to the old website. Made many enhancements to the site, leading to increasing sales year over year.
PHP • MySQL • jQuery

Closed Source

SaaS (Software as a Service) projects or complex applications that solve a specific problem.
1Secret.app  1Secret 1secret.app
Share sensitive messages and documents securely via encrypted, short duration, self-destructing URLs.
Laravel • Vue.js • TailwindCSS • Forge • Linode

NextBike  NextBike nextbike.mumu.sh
Data tables, charts, and statistics for your Strava cycling activities.
Laravel • Livewire • Alpine.js • TailwindCSS

SVGX logo  SVGX svgx.app
Free desktop SVG icon & asset manager for Mac and PC. Paid source code.
Svelte • Electron • TailwindCSS $ buy source on Github

Untitled Color App logo  Untitled Color App untitled-color-app.vercel.app
Browser-based color swatch organizer.
Svelte • TailwindCSS • Vercel

Ampersand logo  Ampersand
Unreleased desktop HTML entity browser.
Svelte • Electron • TailwindCSS

Traildemon logo  Traildemon mtb.mumu.pw
Trail condition updates for local mountain bike trails.
Laravel • TailwindCSS

Secret debugging tool
A desktop debugging tool for PHP that I reversed-engineered from a commercial app, and rebuilt in my own vision. Strictly for personal use.
Svelte • Electron • TailwindCSS

Open Source

Open source projects free to use by anyone.
Free, open source, self-hosted Laravel application for uploading and serving your own files. Supports local disk storage and Backblaze B2 out of the box.
Laravel • Livewire Github

GitHub Diff logo  GitHub Diff git-diff.netlify.app
Get the diff between two GitHub branches, commits, or tags.
Svelte • TailwindCSS • Netlify Github

Crafting and inventory management tool for Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero. Svelte and Vue 2 versions.
Svelte • TailwindCSS • Netlify Github
Vue.js • TailwindCSS • Netlify Github

TailwindCSS 2 color palette visualizer.
Svelte • TailwindCSS • Netlify Github

Crypto coin portfolio and price tracker desktop app.
Vue.js • Electron • TailwindCSS Github

Simple movie watch- and seen-list.
Vue.js • Bulma • Surge.sh Github

Moviebuff monolith
Similar to the static Vue app above, this version is more advanced, benefiting from a Laravel back-end. It features more complex list management: move and copy movies between existing and new lists.
Laravel • Vue.js • Bootstrap Github


PHP and Laravel packages to help me with specific tasks.
php-contrast Github
PHP package for generating accessible/high-contrast color pairs.

php-simple-calendar Github
PHP package for generating a headless representation of the days in a month, in a 7x6 or 7x5 grid. Useful when building calendars with a month overview.

laravel-silent-spam-filter Github
Laravel package for silently filtering out spam in submitted forms. Add your own words and phrases to the banned list.