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How I work in an async team

2024-07-10 #career
I am currently working in a remote asynchronous small SaaS company, but I have been a remote worker for many years. This requires a lot of self-management, and what works best for me is to document...
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I hate side quests

2024-04-05 #rant
Picture this: it's late in the evening and you have a couple of hours to work on a side project. You sit down eagerly, wake up the computer, open the IDE, and... things start going wrong. First,...
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Top games of 2023

2024-03-17 #games #review
I don't, as a rule, pay full price for any game (with some exceptions). Like many people spoiled by Steam sales and a huge Steam library, I am patient enough to wait until a game goes on sale before...
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The year of SQLite

2024-01-23 #sqlite
I'm calling it early - this is the year of SQLite (for me at least). If 2024 were to have a specific theme, SQLite is as good as any. This has been building up for a while, and now it's time to fully...
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