I hate side quests

by webmaster 2024-04-05 #rant

Picture this: it's late in the evening and you have a couple of hours to work on a side project.

You sit down eagerly, wake up the computer, open the IDE, and... things start going wrong.

First, the IDE's license has run out. Waste 15 minutes sorting that out. Then, all your tools decide they want to update (after all, you haven't touched your laptop in a while). But wait, your password manager is locked (waste a few more seconds), and it too wants to update and restart. Perhaps some of the tooling needs to be reset or restarted (there go another 10 minutes). Your browser pulls a fast one and also wants an update and a restart (bye 15 more seconds).

Finally, you decide to write a quick blog post to bitch about it.

By the time everything decides to cooperate you've only got 30 minutes left until you're completely shot and ready for bed. Might as well leave that project for another night.

The next evening you think your plate is empty, only to find a weird charge on your credit card (Mailgun wtf? You were using Mailgun on an old side project, but were you paying for it all this time?) so you investigate, only to discover that the old project had been purring along nicely until recently when it was suddenly discovered by spammers who abused the email feature. You decide to put that feature behind a paid plan but paid plans aren't actually implemented in your project (maybe you should turn on Stripe production), and the project itself has outdated dependencies and it's hard to do anything with it.

So now you have two side projects that need attention.

I fucking hate side-quests.

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